Education is the key to bright future. For children, education is the ticket to fulfilling their dreams and to have a productive life. It facilitates our learning, knowledge and skills. Nidhi Foundation believes that by imparting education we can guide the child towards the path of bright future.


People at kalyanpuri are daily wage workers and are unable to send their children to the school and understand their academic needs. This is where Nidhi Foundation comes into picture. The literacy level in the children in the kalyanpuri community is assessed through the pilot survey .The survey is conducted on periodic basis to find the beneficiaries.


The families of the beneficiaries are counseled about the importance of literacy. The interactive sessions are organized for the parents where they are motivated to get their children educated for their productive and sustainable future.


Our education programme includes preschool classes for the less than 5 years, non-formal education to the non school going, and remedial education to the school going. We strengthen the academic base by providing primary education.This programme is being run for the children from the underprivileged families who are under difficult circumstances like child labor, from financially weak families, street children and the children living in urban slums.


Impact assessment is done every year. This is done on the basis of the number of children mainstreamlined into schools. Also periodic assessment is done through tests taken on regular basis

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