Mission Nutrition is the flagship programme of Nidhi Foundation, who is committed to work on the nutrition, health and education of the children from underprivileged background.

Nidhi Foundation organizes regular health checkups; gives out deworming tablets and required multivitamins and also a glass of milk every day to the children at it centers in Kalyan Puri and Villupuram, which parallely helps in bridging the literacy capacity gaps in these children due to stunted growth and impact of the same on the mental growth of the child.

In addition to providing nutrition, Nidhi Foundation is also working on the education of the children who have either; never gone to school or has dropped out because they couldn’t concentrate on or understand the concepts and subjects taught in school because of various nutritional deficiencies. Nidhi Foundation runs the informal schools at its centers from 9 a.m to 4 p.m, in two batches. Here children are taught to read and write and also the basics of English, Hindi, science and, mathematics. Though the school does not follow any fixed syllabus, it achieves the purpose of a school; imparting education and building the confidence level in the children. Each academic year the school mainstreams a selected few children to regular schools and continue to support them through remedial classes, to reduce not just dropout rate but also to ensure retention of children in the schools.

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